I guess the plastic playsets at Wal-Mart just didn’t do it for me so I HAD to build my own “Hunger Games” style maze for my then toddler.  Was great as it came while he was learning to walk so the padded walls were just the right height and he could climb the incline and use the posts to stand up.

Bill of materials:

  1. 1x Huggies Diaper Box to build the platform around
  2. 1x Box of particle board flooring from hardware store
  3. 1x shelf board for a slide
  4. 2x 1x2s for posts, corners and climbing
  5. 1x rubber mat from dollar store for grippy surfaces
  6. 6-8x pipe insulation tubes for soft corners
  7. Misc hardward @ tape
  8. A sketch and a few nights of work since you’re probably not sleeping anyway
  9. 1x patient wife willing to let you run the saw in the house

Disclaimer: will not be held responsible for any injuries to persons or marriages if you attempt this project.  Risks include:

  1. injury while building the project because you (like I) haven’t held a saw, screw gun or hammer in years
  2. waking up sleeping babiles if you run the screw gun or saw at the wrong time
  3. strange looks from visitors thinking you are crazy if you thought they’d let their kids play on that home-made injury trap
  4. Getting in trouble for: noise, spent time, and taking up way too much basement space

Now that I think about it, just don’t do it 😉

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