Amazing playground to inspire any kid or daddy engineer!

We were in Surrey (outside Vancouver, CAN) for a wedding this week and this morning my brother-in-law wanted to take the boys to Terra Nova Adventure Playground in Richmond.  I thought a 35 min drive was quite a hike for a play-ground but he had mentioned it before so I thought we should check it out.  It was a beautiful day and since it’s located right across from the Vancouver airport, the kids got lots of plane spotting along the way.

When we got there, I was blown away by the towering rope-climb/ladder structure we first saw.  It was beautifully designed and built with giant cedar logs around the outside with 5 levels accessible by a rope climb up through the centre.

Photo of Terra Nova rope climb and slide tower

Terra Nova rope climb and slide tower

My 4.5 year old was able to get up with some instructional tips and heck, I ended up going up myself, in case he got scared of course :).  A ginormous twisting steel slide comes off the 4th level and I thought there would be no way he’d go down by himself but before I could sit down behind him he was gone in a flash with glee!

Next was a giant log pile with cargo nets that challenged kids and adults of all ages.  At age 40, my mid-life crisis was wanting to learn things like parkour so this was a treat jumping from log to log and I wasn’t the only daddy out there doing it!

Photo of giant log pile at Terra Nova Adventure Playground

Climbing log pile

Photo of Log Challenge at Terra Nova Adventure Playground

Log challenge

I’ve been wanting to make a daddy/kid play area in the back-yard and this place was super inspiring.  Great use of naturally local sourced materials and thoughtful design to challenge kids off all ages.  These were just two of the amazing activities.  Others included:

  • zip lines
  • rope traverses
  • rotational swinging saucer
  • giant spinning apparatus
  • Rope webs and
  • swings, slides and more

We only had about an hour before having to head back but next time we’re packing lunch and making a day trip out of it!

Google Map location of Terra Nova Playground

Terra Nova Adventure Playground – just beside Vancouver airport


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