Last week I was invited to be interviewed by Matt Galloway on CBC Radio One’s Metro Morning.  I was honored to be invited but was wondering why a daddy blog with a dozen posts is newsworthy.  I thought it must be a slow news day on a channel that no one listens to.  Of course, turns out to be Toronto’s #1 morning show – yikes.  Well, I was nervous but my dry run with the Associate Producer went ok.  I think she liked my story because I had a passion for continuous learning and was using the opportunity of teaching my kids as a personal outlet for my own creativity.

The morning of, I woke up at 4:45am and got to the studio just in time.  Chatted with another interviewee in the waiting room and when the time came I went into the studio.  It was all a blur from there.  I remember leaving Matt some bubble solution; I hope he had some fun with the kids with it.


Later, my friend sent me a recording of the interview.  I couldn’t watch/listen to it.  I guess it went ok but I’ll chalk up the jittery performance to waking up at an ungodly hour for me.

I did enjoy my 5-minutes of fame as some of my friends and co-workders caught it.  Even some of my neighbors heard it and recognized my voice.  They certainly would remember me for the giant bubbles going up and down the street.  Traffic on this blog went crazy too that day and I was most humbled by Matt’s twitter comment.  Well, if the interview spread some of my crazy ideas to other parents or inspired them to do their own projects with their kids then I’m glad we did it.

Thanks for the vote of confidence CBC; will keep this passion alive!

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