After watching “How to Train Your Dragon”, my son became obsessed with the pesky little reptiles.  So, books, crafts and lego time surrounded the dragon theme for a while.

Learning Origami dragons was probably step one and something I could whip out given a piece of paper and about 10 minutes.  I found several great origami books and my favourite design can also be found here.  My son and other kids were usually delighted at receiving a colourful new model and it always became the “new pet” of course.  However, origami was too complicated to be interactive at this point.

I started building a few simple lego dragons at my sons request.  The first were very standard constructs from mostly 2×4 pieces forming a head, legs, wings and a tail.  Could have been a bear or squirrel with wings but amazing how imagination can bring life to simple shapes. “We” made 2 more that day. One day, I was most pleased when I came home from work to find a set of 3 new 3 lego dragons surrounding the previous models on the couch. Where did these come from son?

With fewer mental restrictions on what a dragon is and isn’t, I found my son’s simple models were really quite creative.  He rarely had the confidence to create his own designs prior to this, usually insisting that I do the building.  Perhaps creating something with fewer tangible definitions is something that can really remove inhibitions from the child because their models can be just as “correct” as mine.  I liked that – I think he did too.

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