When I was a kid, I’d always be making toys (planes, cross-bows, robots) for me and my brother to play with.  I knew I wanted to be an engineer from an early age and followed that dream.  While I’m not designing airplanes and cool electronic devices like I imagined, I work for a nanomaterials company helping those same industries make their products better.  My wife has a busy career as well so now I find my identity more about being a family man.  I have a four year old son and a 1 year old daughter who I enjoy every day.   I have come full circle as I am back to playing and making toys, perhaps my true calling.

Why the Blog?

I’m really just a big kid myself and half of the “kid projects” are really an outlet for my own creative side.  While having fun with my children and trying to provide learning opportunities, it’s also a never ending learning journey for myself that I thought I’d share.


Mr Lucky Font

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