If your kid HATES STRINGS, a quick (and more permanent) fix to mandatory laced shoes.

I was happy this weekend that my son took a liking to his new kung-fu class.  It’s been tough to get him to participate in new things so this was a welcome change.  My troubles started after registering and getting the uniform.  I couldn’t even get him to try the shoes on once.  Why?  Because they have strings and he hates strings.  Strings on pants, strings on hoodies, even strings on pizza!  NO STRINGS!

I knew this was going to come to a head for his first official class so I wanted to convert these lace shoes into a velcro or elastic shoe.  After fiddling with a series of small elastics, I finally went for a thicker long elastic saved from produce.   I found a good size was long enough and thread them though “straight style”.  I adjusted the tension so they’d be snug and then tied them off with two or three overhan d knots.  A quick trim and we were ready for the ultimate test.

I told him that his shoes had no strings and he didn’t believe me. After showing them off he was actually quite pleased but did a thorough infection to check for tyrant strings ends. They passed inspection and on the feet they went. There was enough play to get the feet in and firm enough that I think they will stay on. now if I could only have found two elastic of the same colour!

My mom saw this and had them replaced with knitted elastics from the fabric store so they didn’t look so rag-tag. Oh well, it worked in a pinch!


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