This past Sunday our neighbors organized an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids that would go from backyard to backyard.  The parents would have coffee and snacks and socialize while the kids hunted high and low for plastic eggs filled with treats.  I loved the idea but had to put my own twist on it of course!

So, I decided the eggs would be filled with clues and puzzles (literally) and all the treats would be in loot bags locked away in a case somewhere.  If you’ve read my Birthday Puzzle Challenge and Star Wars Birthday blogs, you’ll see a pattern in my style of puzzle games for the kids.  So how did it go over?  Well, about 16 kids showed up, ranging from 2 years old to around 12 I think.  Everyone had a hoot looking for the eggs and the big kids helped to work out the clues.  As expected, they required some hints and prodding to get them moving in the right direction.  The actual “Frozen” jig-saw puzzle with the code on the back took some time and even required some parental participation.

The nice thing was that it slowed down the pace of the egg hunts so we got to enjoy some more time together and interact.  My biggest worry was that I did not have enough loot bags for every kid.  However, as the case was opened, I asked the big kids to make sure that at least each family got a prize and was amazed at how well they all shared.

Anyhow, here’s how I set it up to give you some ideas (you can make it as hard or as simple as you like):

  • 10 loot bags in a carry-on luggage, locked with a pad-lock
  • One of the egg-clues had the letters B M O L A X I – they had to de-scramble the letters to find the location of the second egg. Second egg had leaf symbol drawn on it.  With chalk, I drew the symbol on a loose brick in the backyard and put the pad-lock key underneath it.
  • But not so easy, the Luggage was put in a storage bin locked with a word combo lock
  • Plastic Eggs are filled with more clues and 4 of the clues combined to spell out B – B – Q
  • My Barbeque contained a lock box and puzzle frame. Another egg clue decodes the letters BBQ into the 3 number combo for the lock box
  • Inside the lock box are the rest of the puzzle pieces. The other puzzle pieces were in other plastic eggs scattered around the backyard
  • When the puzzle is made into the cardboard puzzle frame, if you look from the back, you can read out the 4 letters required to open the storage bin word combo lock

Well, sorry to post this after Easter but I hope it sparks some ideas for next year (or for the Orthodox Easter).  I realize we are very lucky to have neighbours who come together like this.  I hope you can start your own neighborhood tradition.  Good luck!

My mission through Daddy Engineer is to encourage people of all ages to enjoy engineering play.  Between work, kids and actually doing some of these projects, there’s little time left for blogging but I hope you enjoy my efforts.  Let me know what you think, your feedback and encouragement is much appreciated.

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